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Three Million Hours of Reliability
Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. (PMI) has shipped over 700,000 power supplies ranging from 500 to over 10,000 Watts in just the last 40 of our 50-year history. Recognized as an industry leader, the reliability of our units is confirmed by repeated orders from major customers worldwide. The Demonstrated Mean Time Between Failure (DMTBF) for a typical PMI power supply today may range between 1 and 3 million hours, depending on product type and quantity shipped.

Registered to ISO Standards
Using tools such as statistical process control, Pioneer Magnetics’ testing procedures facilitate the validation and control of assembly activities. PMI uses a zero defect approach in the integration of its products. PMI has the ability to design, document, monitor, implement, control, and support changes throughout the manufacturing process without impact on final product quality. PMI’s ISO registration signifies our commitment to quality.

In addition to rigid customer specifications, PMI’s certifications by industry boards include:

  • UL
  • EN55022 Level A
  • CSA
  • EN55022 Level B
  • TUV
  • CE

An Engineering-driven Company

Why is this important? This means to you that, after a power supply’s many years of excellent service, the PMI engineers who actually designed the product can do the following:

  • Support the customer service process.
  • Provide detailed and accurate failure analysis.
  • Assist customer when there has been a system failure.


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