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PM24XX to PM28XX (The Dependable Line)
PM29XX to PM32XX (International Series)
PM33XX (PowerFactor Series - AC to DC)
PM34XX (The New Dependables - DC to DC)
PM35XX (Non-isolated Bulk - AC to DC & DC to DC)
PM36XX (High Efficiency - AC to DC & DC to DC)
PM37XX (Liquid Cooled High Power - AC to DC)
PM38XX (Liquid Cooled High Power Three Phase Unity PFC - AC to DC)

How To Choose a PMI PM33XX Power Supply
Pioneer Magnetics offers a broad spectrum of power supply model-types ranging from older technolgies (5" X 8" X 11") to the more commongly used 1U products. PMI's model groups fall within the following cateogies:

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