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Pioneer Magnetics (PMI) is the industry’s leading technical supplier of high-power switching power supplies. Our ability to create custom power solutions in industry standard configurations provides cost-effective solutions for thousands of applications.

PMI’s hallmark is its superior technology and system designing experience. Using a standard platform, power supplies are routinely configured with multiple options to meet our customer’s special custom requirements. For the totally unique application, PMI’s engineering team has the technical background to design just about anything a customer may require – even a seven-sided box!

In addition to the basic power supply, PMI also offers value added and contract manufacturing capabilities. We have the ability to add additional configuration support such as wiring harnesses, buss bars, control panels and cabinets.

PMI began in 1957 to support the military and aerospace industries. Eventually, the company evolved into an engineering firm that designed highly reliable commercial products. During the last 40 of PMI's 50 years in business, PMI has shipped over 700,000 high-power products throughout the world.

Following are examples of PMI’s custom designs: PIX TO GO HERE!


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