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Pioneer Magnetics will provide regular updates on new products, interesting aspects of the company as well as perspectives of the power supply industry. Product updates may come via news releases, which are an important aspect of PMI’s Sales/Marketing endeavors geared to provide the latest information. “Click” on the below “News Releases” for further information.

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April, 2017


The emphasis of today’s message is twofold.  First, I want to thank all of our customers for their 2016 business.  Everyone at PMI is focused on maintaining its business relationships for years to come.

The second point is more personal.  Many of you may not know that Pioneer Magnetics is a multi-generational family business – somewhat of an oddity in today’s business world.  In fact, PMI also encourages its staff to suggest that their own family members consider working at PMI. 

As part of PMI’s emphasis on "family," for years we have had a “Kiddy Korps” Summer Program.  This program was set up for the employee’s children where we try to match their interest with a specific job – working in the lab, helping out with our facility’s group or office work. These opportunities are geared to motivate and to keep the kids active.  The “Kiddy Korps” has three main benefits.  It provides more income for the family.  The children have a better appreciation of what their parents do.  And, best of all, it keeps the kids off the streets.

With regard to "our family," my 96-year old dad started the company 60 years ago.  I became involved quite accidentally when I was asked to solve some system issues, which was followed by being asked to start (from scratch) a spin-off transformer manufacturing operation. Fast forward – one of my daughters, a university graduate and working her way up to Operation’s Director for a division of an aerospace company, made a career decision by becoming, an integral part of PMI. 

My other three children have all worked at PMI – at one time or another – in one aspect of the company or another; making their mark as an individual but more importantly, starting to find ways to propel PMI to the next level.

My son, David, found that social issues and finding ways to help humanity were more satisfying than building power supplies.  Thus, after several years of hard work, he has set up several enterprises geared to feeding people fresh and healthy food products.  I think that his work is so important that, rather than write about new power supply products that will be forth coming, I am taking the opportunity to introduce to you a new way of growing and eating food.

Following are links to a 2016 recap of some of the projects that David has started.  We are also especially proud that David was invited to speak at a recent FDA conference in Washington DC. 




When it comes to advertising, most companies will try to find a unique way to market products that, hopefully, will create a branding and, ultimately, generate more business.    Besides the typical chart and graph advertisements, we have taken a complimentary approach that presents a more personal perspective of PMI.  Many of our ads incorporated, in some way, my children and grandchildren.  Attached are some of the PMI advertisements where we used our children and grandchildren to promote PMI product.

Pioneer Magnetics is a unique company.  Actually, PMI is a throwback of a typical American company where the whole family (at one time or another) worked in the business.   

I am hopeful that the family atmosphere will continue for years to come.

Very truly yours,

Jerry Rosenstein
President & COO

P.S.      May your favorite baseball team win the World Series.

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Pioneer Magnetics now offers a credit card program for “minimal expenditures.” All major credit cards can be used. PMI is offering this program to assists its customers with the need to expedite procurement endeavors, while, at the same time, minimizing the cost of issuing a purchase order.

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