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Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. (PMI) continues to offer value-added support as well as Contract Manufacturing. This service is also known as vertical integration.


PMI is an engineering-driven company that:

  • Improves designs.
  • Addresses cost-cutting objectives.
  • Reduces BOM costs.
  • Enhances Product Design Engineering with State-of-the-Art CAD Software:
    • AutoCad for Mechanical Configuration.
    • OrCad for Schematics.
    • P-Cad for PCB Layout.
    • Pro-Engineer for 3D Drawing / Design Layout.
    • PSpice for Electrical Design & Circuitry Analysis.

  • PMI has an established track record manufacturing quality products:
    • Power supplies and power systems.
    • Electro-mechanical assemblies.
    • Racks/Power shelves
    • Enclosures
    • Filter assemblies
    • Brackets
    • PCB assemblies
    • PMI’s infrastructure has been in place over 50 years. This means, as an everyday fact, there is efficient and strong:
      • Material procurement processes.
      • Program management.
      • Manufacturing, engineering, & logistics support.
      • Wide range of testing capabilities
  • Process Controls Drive PMI:
    • ESD
    • TQM
    • SPC
    • ISO
    • LEAN
    • BABT
  • PMI also offers
    • Large quantity pricing.
    • Acceptance of small quantity orders.
    • Flexibility and a quick turnaround.
    • Efficient, proactive and fast communication.
    • Global capabilities: Mexico, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, UK & European Continent.
    • Consignment or turnkey programs.
    • Thru Hole / SMT
    • A full range of Testing
    • Support for niche and custom applications
    • Excellent on-time startup and delivery
    • Strong manufacturing expertise in the Los Angeles area(Santa Monica).
    • Transformers: design and production – local and/or offshore
    • JIT / Demand Pull processes
    • Warehousing
  • PMI is sensitive to unique customer requirements. We:
    • Team with customer to define product & packaging specs.
    • Define Project Manager duties and project tasks.
    • Establish detailed time and task plans.
    • Create engineering & production drawings (e.g., Interconnections).
    • Plan production requirements (e.g., Manufacturing aids & overlays).
    • Recommend environmental enhancements, as required .
    • Recommend encapsulation or conformal coating, as required.
    • Perform environmental, electrical, and/or mechanical design stress tests (e.g., HALT and/or HASS).
    • Incorporate custom burn-in & functional testing into process, as required.
    • Do prototype & pre-production manufacturing runs.
    • Incorporate a Detailed Tracking System:
               Concept → Manufacture → Post Shipping.
    • Always Stay in Compliance with Regulatory Agencies.
  • What does this mean to you?
    • 50 years of design / engineering expertise.
    • Experienced & professional PMI team reduces learning curve.
    • Partnering relationships (between PMI, its vendors, & customers) create a win-win situation for everyone.
    • Customer service mandate.
    • The "personal touch."
    • Excellent track record – A true "household name."
    • Trust, honesty and fairness – true professional competence.
    • Above all, PMI listens to its customers.
  • PMI will provide a unique service
    • Build It Faster
    • Less Expensively
    • Improved Quality / Reliability

    Requirements Questionnaire
    Also included in this section is a requirements questionnaire. This serves a dual purpose: to assist you in describing your contract manufacturing needs, and to help us determine the most effective way of meeting them.

    E-Mail submittal is quick and easy. If you wish, and at no obligation, you will be contacted by a PMI Applications Engineer. | CLICK HERE for questionnaire. |

    Since 1957, Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. (PMI) has been in the business of designing and manufacturing a significant quantity of standard as well as custom features and options for the power supply industry. Over these years, PMI has reached out to its customers and provided a variety of needed value-added and contract manufacturing services.

    PMI is also understandably proud of its professional reputation, patent position, technical leadership and international standing.

    PMI has over 60 patents addressing switching power supply and test equipment applications ranging from 500 Watts to over 8000 Watts (in a 5” X 5” package). As part of PMI’s continually expanding product line, we are the only company providing:

    • A “fully loaded” rack/power shelf system with five 8,000 Watt true hot plug power supplies.

    As the 1U technical power industry leader, PMI also has available:

    • 3.5 kW’s in a 1U package.
    • A rack/power shelf that can be set up for three (1U) 3.5 kW power supplies or ten (1U) 3.5 kW power supplies in a 3U high configuration (1U high).
    • 1U products can be designed for “Intelligence” - at the power supply level, at the rack/power shelf level and at the cabinet/system level.

    PMI is now marketing a full range of 2U, liquid-cooled products.

    • 25 kW
    • 30 kW
    • 50 kW (2 + 1 redundant)
    • 42 Volts, 48 Volts, 360 Volts, etc.
    • Non-plug and hot plug
    • Inlet water temperature up to + 60º C

    PMI also offers a wide range of racks/power shelves, drawers and other mechanical assemblies as part of its value-added contract manufacturing services:

    PMI is known for its industry-leading technologies. One such cutting-edge design is power factor correction ( Pfc). Under a licensing agreement, several semiconductor companies now manufacture the PMI “PFC Chip” (UC3854) for worldwide use. Interesting, most of PMI’s competitors are unknowingly using the PMI PFC chip.

    PMI offers basic option packages or stand-alone options such as:

    • MANY MORE OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE. See “Options” under “Products and Technology”

    The quality and reliability of PMI’s designs as well as excellent on-time performance are such that many customers use Pioneer Magnetics as their sole JIT supplier. PMI customers simply remove the power supplies from the shipping cartons and immediately assemble or plug in the units into the end product. Statistically, PMI’s products may see 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 hours DMTBF, etc.

    PMI’s costing structure is extremely competitive as compared to the more traditional contract manufacturing companies. Offshore support is also available.

    Why Pioneer Magnetics?
    In the field of contract manufacturing, PMI strives to offer a Total Solution within the parameters of Total Quality Management (TQM). Here is a block diagram:

    <  PMI Offers >

    Inexhaustible Resources
       Technical Expertise   

      Contract Manufacturing 
     Value-added Services 
        Vertical Integration    

    ** For Further Information **
    Please submit the completed questionnaire,
    or contact PMI directly at any of the following numbers/addresses:

    Pioneer Magnetics/US Technologies
    17-01 Pollitt Drive
    Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
    Phone: 201-475-8700
    Fax: 201-475-8710

    Email Sales: info@ustechnologies.com
    Email General Info: info@ustechnologies.com

    On January 19, 2000, Jerry Rosenstein, our President and COO, kicked off the millennium with an authoritative presentation on what constitutes a valid approach to Value-Added Services. This was in the context of a 3-day conference on "Optimizing Your Success and Profitability Through Contract Manufacturing", presented by The Institute for International Research. Conference participants responded positively to both his personal experience in this area and to Pioneer's corporate initiatives.

    A summary of Mr. Rosenstein's presentation is given below.

    Jerry Rosenstein, President & COO
    Pioneer Magnetics, Inc.

    Pioneer Magnetics meets the demands of the computer and tele-communication industry. It has accomplished this by incorporating the technical expertise of its engineering-driven, high-end power supply manufacturing core focus into a company that now offers value-added / contract manufacturing services.

    This presentation offers first-hand experiences as well as a process ensuring success, as both the OEM and the contract manufacturer strive to reach a "contract manufacturing understanding."

    Conference attendees will also learn, using a "questioning process," how basic guidelines of the selection process apply to "high tech, low tech and non-tech" opportunities:

    • Why contract manufacturing?
    • What are the contract manufacturing issues?
    • How do contract manufacturing companies differ?
    • Where are contract manufacturing companies typically located?
    • How does one assess the strengths and weaknesses of contract manufacturing companies?
    • Damage control – What is the best approach for recovery from a poor selection process?
    • What is a true win-win relationship?

    Discussion to follow.
    (Institute for International Research, January 19 – 21, 2000)

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