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AC-DC, DC-DC, rectifier and inverter switching power supplies designed and manufactured by Pioneer Magnetics are found in every country of the world. For over 50 years, PMI has continued to “set the standard” and remains the industry’s leading supplier of high-power AC-DC, DC-DC, rectifier and inverter switching power supplies. In addition, our ability to create industry standard configurations as well as custom power solutions provides cost-effective solutions for thousands of applications. PMI’s hallmark is its superior technology and system design experience. Credit must go to our senior engineering staff for their ongoing and dedicated contributions. With that in mind, PMI routinely configures power supplies with multiple options to meet unique customer requirements. We also have the ability to add additional value added and contract manufacturing capabilities. Examples would be Power Control Modules (PCM), Power Distribution Modules (PDM), AC-DC and DC-DC filters and rack or power shelf assemblies. In addition, PMI also offers manufacturing/assembly support such as wiring harnesses, buss bars, assemblies, control panels and cabinets.

Pioneer Magnetics’ AC-DC, DC-DC, rectifier and inverter technology is widely respected throughout the industry. PMI's R & D group has developed and patented over 60 innovations relating to switching power supplies and test equipment. PMI is known for its industry-leading technologies. One such cutting-edge design is power factor correction (Pfc). This product was licensed to major semiconductor manufacturing companies worldwide and incorporated into a myriad of applications used throughout the power supply manufacturing industry. One of PMI's latest innovations is the addition of “Intelligence” in product lines, which include, in part, high-level logic at the power supply level as well as at the rack/power shelf level or even the cabinet/system level. Most recently is PMI’s expansion of its liquid cooled power supply family of products capable of supplying 30 kW (or more) in a 2U, 19” rack mounted unit.

Pioneer Magnetics grew out of a quasi-military and aerospace environment evolving into a company known for its highly reliable and rugged commercial products. Following the first ten years of building custom military products, PMI has now shipped over 700,000 high-end commercial and COTS high-power products throughout the world.

Today, Pioneer Magnetics produces systems with power outputs ranging from 500 Watts to 10 kW in a 5” x 5” unit. Remarkably, PMI is the only AC-DC, DC-DC, rectifier and inverter power supply manufacturer providing a fully loaded rack/power shelf system with five 8,000-Watt hot-pluggable power supplies as well as offering > 10 kW in a 1U power shelf.

You will definitely feel confident when "Powering Up With Pioneer Magnetics!"

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