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A broad line of AC-DC, DC-DC, rectifier and inverter switching power supplies with single and multiple outputs. Power Factor Correction, Battery Back-up, Fault Tolerant Systems with Hot Plug Insertion and “Intelligence” are typical features. PMI is primarily a low voltage power supply company: (1.2 VDC to 600 VDC) – high current (3 Amps to 800 Amps). Other voltage and current configurations are offered as part of PMI’s custom product lines.

PMI’s product sizes are typically 1U, 2U and 3U. Custom sizes are also available.

PMI has a wide range of 1U, 2U and 3U racks and power shelves. 1U racks/power shelves can handle > 10kWs.
A 3U rack/power shelf (5 position) provides > 50,000 Watts!

Fan cooled or liquid cooled products are available in a variety of configurations. PMI’s AC-DC power supplies are isolated and Non-isolated.



Large quantity pricing

Acceptance of small quantity orders

Short lead times

Flexibility and a quick turnaround

Efficient, proactive and fast communication

Strong manufacturing expertise in the Los Angeles area (Santa Monica)

Global capabilities:  China, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia,

Korea, Taiwan, UK & European Continent

Customer service mandate

Consignment or turnkey

>50 years of design/engineering expertise

The “personal touch”

Excellent track record – A true “household name”

Trust & professional competence



PMI is an engineering-driven company that:

  • Determines the future
  • Sets high standard design constraints
  • Addresses cost-cutting objectives




  • Recognizes niche customers with specialized needs
  • Realizes its customers do not want to offload to untried vendors
  • Knows that its customers expect process & quality controls
  • Understands customer demand for ESD controls & ISO procedures
  • Stresses TQM and LEAN manufacturing principles
  • Supports customers that normally buy small quantities



  • Team with Customer to Define Product & Packaging Specifications
  • Define Project Manager Duties
  • Establishes Engineering & Manufacturing Guidelines
  • Enhance Product Design Engineering with State-of-the-art CAD Software:
    • SMT and/or Through-hole
    • Fabrication
    • AutoCad for Mechanical configuration
    • OrCad for Schematics
    • P-Cad for PCB Layout
    • Solid Works for 3D Drawing/Design Layout
    • PSpice for Electrical Design & Circuitry Analysis
    • Utilize Tracking system at part level, sub-assembly as well as for a finished product

Searching for a Power Supply Vendor
How does a power engineer or a power commodity procurement specialist choose the best power supply vendor for a specific application, when all power supply companies have something to offer? There are several key aspects to matching a power supply vendor with a customer’s specifications:

  1. These are the basics - what do you need:
  2. a. Output voltage – 12 Volts? 24 Volts? 48 Volts? 56 Volts? Etc.
    b. Current – 20 Amps? 48 Amps? 100 Amps? Etc
    c. Power/Watts – 1 kW? 3 kW? 5 kW? 8 kW? Etc.

  3. Size comes into play
  4. a. 1U (1.65” X 5”), 2U (3.5” X 5”), 3U (5” X 5”), or . . .
    b. Depth? PMI’s standard dimensions are 11” – 15” or 17”

  5. What about granularity?
  6. Suppose you have a requirement for 100 kW. What is best for your system?

    1 kW power supplies?
    2 kW power supplies?
    4 kW power supplies?
    5 kW power supplies?
    10 kW power supplies?

    PMI offers a large variety of configurations that will help you address unit quantity, available space and cost. At times, a unit price may be more expensive at the higher power range. But, the overall system price is significantly less due to the smaller quantity of units required.

  7. Do you want to team up with the technical leader?
    Pioneer Magnetics is known as the technical leader. PMI is the largest patent holder for a privately held power supply company. Typical of cutting edge technologies are:

    • Single Wire Current Sharing paralleling
    • Power Factor Correction

  8. Setting Standards
    Pioneer Magnetics set the dimension standard for the first mass-produced switching power supply. It was in the 1960’s that PMI first produced “The Slot” – a 5” X 8” X 11 ½” switcher.

    In order to compete, all of PMI’s competitors had to match the same dimensions.

    500 Watts
    100 A
    1,000 Watts
    200 A
    1,500 Watts
    300 A

  9. Power Factor Correction
    PMI is known for its industry-leading technologies. One such cutting-edge design is power factor correction (Pfc). It is quite probable that many of PMI’s competitors have no idea that the PFC circuit, which they tout as a significant aspect of their design is really attributed to PMI’s engineering capabilities. Similar to Intel’s Chip Inside slogan on PC’s and laptops, PMI’s PFC chip is inside “millions” of power supplies.

  10. Industry High Power Firsts
    In the same size (5” X 8” X 11”) box, PMI was the first to produce:

    500 Watts
    5V 100 A
    1,000 Watts
    5V 200 A
    1,500 Watts
    5V 300 A

  11. Industry High Power Firsts
    In the same size (3U) 5” X 5” box, PMI was the first to produce:

    2,000 Watts
    3,000 Watts
    5,000 Watts
    8,000 Watts
    10,000 Watts
    Coming Soon

  12. Industry High Power Firsts
    In 2U (17.5” rack mounted) box, PMI is the first to produce:

    3.5 kW
    10 kW (6 Volt)
    25,000 Watts (liquid cooled)
    30,000 Watts (liquid cooled)
    Standard voltages vary from 32 Volt to 360 Volts

  13. Within the family of 8.1 kW products, PMI is the first to manufacture:

    8.1 kW
    8.1 kW
    8.1 kW
    Single phase

  14. Field/Demonstrated MTBF
    PMI products tend to see lengthy DMTBF’s:  500,000 to > 3 Million Hours

  15. Hot Plug
    PMI was the first to introduce true hot plug products (1970’s) to the switching power supply industry.

  16. Cost Reduction
    PMI was the first power supply company to offer value added and contract manufacturing capabilities as a means to reduce its customer’s costs.

  17. Lasting a Life Time
    Most companies that have been in business as long as PMI (> 50 years) will experience “Unusual Situations.”

    Following are some interesting stories:

    PMI received a phone call from an irate customer. A product had failed and an in-depth failure analysis was required. An RMA was issued. The unit was returned and quickly analyzed. PMI explained to the customer that the PMI product was over 50 years old.

    The product died of old age!

    The customer had not realized the age of the product. An apology was offered and accepted and we all had a good laugh.

*      *      *      *

Quite often PMI is asked to refurbish older units that are still functioning. Customers send units back to PMI for the usual replacement of fan motors, electrolytic capacitors, etc. ensuring that their systems do not experience catastrophic failures.

While processing a field return unit, a PMI manager happened to notice that both she and the returned unit had a “unique connection.”

See below what the manager discovered:

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