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Lasting a Life Time

Most companies that have been in business as long as PMI (> 50 years) will experience “Unusual Situations.”

Following are some interesting stories:

PMI received a phone call from an irate customer. A product had failed and an in-depth failure analysis was required. An RMA was issued. The unit was returned and quickly analyzed. PMI explained to the customer that the PMI product was over 50 years old.

The product died of old age!

The customer had not realized the age of the product. An apology was offered and accepted and we all had a good laugh.

Quite often PMI is asked to refurbish older units that are still functioning. Customers send units back to PMI for the usual replacement of fan motors, electrolytic capacitors, etc. ensuring that their systems do not experience catastrophic failures.

While processing a field return unit, a PMI manager happened to notice that both she and the returned unit had a “unique connection.”

See below what the manager discovered:

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