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An Engineering-driven Company
Why is this important? This means to you that, after a power supply’s many years of excellent service, the PMI engineers who actually designed the product can do the following:

  • Assist with the service process.
  • Provide detailed and accurate failure analysis.
  • Assist customer when there has been a system failure.

PMI Proudly Serves Major Companies in Many Markets

  • Telecommunications
  • Data Communications
  • Semiconductor
  • Office
  • Networking
  • Process Control
  • Industry
  • Medical – Test and Emergency equipment
  • Scientific, Research & Development
  • Government, Aerospace & Military Telecommunications
  • Broadcasting and Transmission
  • Main Frame and Networking
  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Financial and Reservation systems
  • Commercial/Military Simulation
  • Supercomputers – Government, University and R & D
  • Aviation, Shuttle Ground Support and Satellite

Quality Control
Quality Control is PMI’s highest priority. Our system is modeled after ISO 9001 and BABT 340. Our entire company is continually audited by many of the largest manufacturers of computer systems, telecommunications, process controls, and medical equipment. This means that consistent quality service and full tracking capabilities are essential elements of our quality program.

To correctly and efficiently solve a problem, PMI employs:

  • ISO Procedures
  • Class III Workmanship Standards
  • TQM Principles
  • Multiple ESD Disciplines
  • MIL-Spec-type Corporate Culture
  • A "Can Do" Attitude

State-of-the-Art-Test Equipment
Our test and service facilities have all the equipment necessary to functionally test at the board and finished product under full load. Test capabilities include a Hewlett Packard “bed of nails” tester, functional testers, auto-testers, and thermal burn-in chambers. We typically burn in units for 48 hours. All serviced units receive the same Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) as new units.

Qualified Technicians
All PMI technicians are fully trained with years of experience in electronics repair, and possess the skills and resources necessary to ensure professional and exemplary service. In addition, our engineering department is always accessible for supplementary support.

Process Tracking
Our facility is fully computerized to ensure the most accurate and reliable handling of your product throughout the refurbishment process. A computerized tracking system monitors the unit from the issuance of an RMA through receiving, testing, servicing and shipping. A record of the servicing is entered into the PMI database that resides in PMI’s Reliability Engineering Department.

Parts Inventory
We maintain an extensive inventory of components to ensure that the turnaround to repair your power supplies occurs in a timely manner. A state-of-the-art MRP system monitors long leadtime, unique and hard-to-get materials.

Modification Process
If possible, PMI modifies older units to the latest PMI configuration level.

Contact PMI Direct
For further information on the power supply Service and Repair capabilities presented in this section, please contact PMI direct. All of us at Pioneer Magnetics look forward to working with you, and we will be happy to answer your Service questions.

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