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Click here for printable PDF document (pages 1 - 6) switching power supply catalog - Click here for printable PDF document (entire Legacy catalogue) switching power supply catalog

Table of Contents

How to Use This Catalogue:

Pioneer’s Legacy Catalogue is designed for your ease of use. If you don’t know the exact power supply you need for your requirements, turn to the Selection Guides. They will provide you with an overall view of the full range of Pioneer Legacy switching power supplies as well as direct you to the location in the catalogue of the Series that will meet your needs. East data sheet is self-contained, providing both specifications and drawings. Available options, special configurations and drawings. Available options, special configurations, etc. follow as separate sections in the catalogue.

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#1 in High Power Switching Supplies
Who We Are 2
Series Selection Guide - AC/DC 4
Series Selection Guide - DC/DC 5
International Specifications 6
  Series PM2920, PM2920A, PM2921, PM2921A, PM2922, PM2922A, PM2923, PM2923A, PM2924
   PM2924A, PM2925, PM2925A, PM2926, PM2926A
  Series PM2501B 11
  Series PM2970, PM2970A, PM2971, PM2971A, PM2972, PM2972A, PM2973, PM2973A, PM2974, PM2974A,
   PM2975, PM2975A, PM2976, PM2976A, PM2977, PM2977A
  Series PM2496, PM2496A, PM2497, PM2497A, PM2500, PM2500A, PM2502, PM2502A 19
  Series PM2501A - (This model has been replaced by Model PM2501B) 23
  Series PM2675, PM2675A, PM2676, PM2676A, PM2677, PM2677A, PM2678, PM2678A 27
  Series PM3024, PM3024A, PM3025,PM3025A, PM3026, PM3026A 31
  Series PM3074, PM3074A, PM3075, PM3075A, PM3076, PM3076A 35
  Series PM2721, PM2721A, PM2722, PM2722A 39
  Series PM2775, PM2775A, PM2776, PM2776A, PM2777, PM2777A 43
Option Selection Guide 47
Option Description 48
Special Configurations  
  Power Shelf 53
Identification System 57
Warranty 59
PM2920, PM2920A, PM2921, PM2921A
PM2922, PM2922A, PM2923, PM2923A

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