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January 4, 2018

Dear PMI customers, vendors, service entities and friends:

Subject: Acquisition

Many of us will look back at 2017 as one of the more interesting years in U.S. history.  Changes occurred that were expected and, of course, there was the unexpected one such as the asset purchase of Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. by United States Technology.

PMI’s power supply business is highly complementary to UST-Aldetec product and services portfolio and strengthens UST-Aldetec’s position in the power supply market.


UST-Aldetec Group is a consolidation of companies brought together to provide superior services and products to its Defense and Commercial customers.  It is an expert at RF detection, Frequency Conversion, Broadband Amplification, power management and repair/re-engineering of subsystems for obsolescence mitigation and extending system lifetime.  The UST teams can design, manufacture and support products seamlessly and rapidly.  Its design turn averages less than 6 months from receiving a specification.  The UST goal is to provide high quality subsystems to its customers at an affordable price, and to keep them running with an exceptional MTBF.  UST is a certified small business, AS-9000 certified with over 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Commenting on this transaction, UST-Aldetec CEO, Robert Ferrante, stated, “This transaction accelerates and dramatically expands our market presence for the design and manufacturing of high quality switching power supplies.  Adding this capability to our current portfolio allows UST-Aldetec to design and manufacture from aperture to processor with all of the necessary subsystems to support our OEM customer base.  This purchase helps expand our position as a growing industry leader with the scale, customer relationships, innovative product and technology to drive exceptional growth and a clear path forward.”

Gary Grutkowski, UST President added, “The Pioneer Magnetics family of power supplies is entirely synergistic with UST’s capabilities and long history of power supply manufacture and repair.  By strengthening our library of designs in this way we can serve a larger and more diversified group of customers.”

PMI will finish up its production and repair commitments.  Effective immediately, if applicable, all RFQ and other inquiries will need to be directed to:

Penni Young
Product Line Manager
U.S. Technologies
17-01 Pollitt Drive
Fair Lawn, NJ  07410
201/475-8700, Ext. 259

It has been PMI’s pleasure working with you throughout the years.  We certainly have a lot of good memories!  I, personally, along with the PMI staff, want to wish you all good fortune in the New Year and the future.

Very truly yours,

Jerry Rosenstein
President & CEO

CC:      Robert Ferrante

©2017 Pioneer Magnetics


Pioneer Magnetics now offers a credit card program for “minimal expenditures.” All major credit cards can be used. PMI is offering this program to assists its customers with the need to expedite procurement endeavors, while, at the same time, minimizing the cost of issuing a purchase order.

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